Try the Trend: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding


Stand up paddle boarding (or stand up paddle surfing), or SUP, is one of the fastest-growing trends in adventure and fitness! This versatile activity, which involves standing on a surfboard and using a large paddle, is fun, interesting and is very customizable to both your skill and experience level. Newbies can develop balance and strengthen their core by learning on flat, still water. More advanced paddlers can race, ride waves and even paddle down rivers for a challenge! Kids can learn to SUP, making it a great family adventure choice. This could be a really fun family fitness idea! This thorough article describes every step of the SUP process: read full article.

Standup (SUP) and Prone Paddle Boarding classes, training and activities are available throughout California for men, women, children and families.  The Women’s Paddle Boarding Community in particular has seen a tremendous growth spurt over the last 5 years and some California Adventure Companies have built their Paddle Boarding business around programs designed by women for

The first ever official SUP race took place in California’s Tahoe City in 2007 and its popularity has been explosive since then. Now the sport has its own Standup World Series! Read full article.
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People aren’t the only ones who can have a great time with SUP . . . so can their canine friends! That’s right; stand up paddle boarding is a dog-friendly activity. This website features really helpful in-depth instructions and tips for how to go stand up paddle surfing with your dog: read full article.

If you’ve never tried SUP before, try it out on some flat water and see what you think! Those of you who have tried it, what do you think? Have you made it a regular activity? Have you tried it with your kids or pets?

One thought on “Try the Trend: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

  1. Dara Blaker says:

    I’ve tried SUP’ing here in S. FL. I love it. It’s such a blast being out on a board not having to learn how to ride waves, but to enjoy “standing” on the water.

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