Traditional vs. Non-Traditional/ Extreme Sports Pros: Who Do You Envy?

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Most people don’t have a problem admitting that they’re at least a little envious of traditional professional athletes and the lives they lead, but then again why should they.  Golf, tennis, hockey, football, baseball and basketball pros make tons of money, never wait in line for anything and they’re adored by their fans.  I’m also envious of professional athletes, but not those in the traditional sense.  It’s those extreme, thrill seeking professional daredevils that risk life and limb leaping out of airplanes from 20,000 feet, sailing off tops of mountains on bikes and base jumping from towering skyscrapers with little more than mini-parachutes on their backs.

envyDon’t get me wrong, I like traditional sports and appreciate the level of talent and commitment that pros in those sports have, but it’s just not the same.  They’re paid ungodly sums of money to excel at those sports and, if you watch closely, I think you’ll agree that most traditional sport pros seem to view their sport as work and what they do as a job.

Nothing could be farther from the truth than with Extreme, Action or Adventure pros.  They’re as talented and committed as traditional athletes, but they have so much more for us to be envious about.  They have no problem with tons of money, but it’s not what drives them.  They don’t love waiting in line, but it’s really no big deal when they do.  It’s cool to be adored by fans that appreciate their skills, but it’s far more important to be true to yourself and your craft.

I’m envious of all those things, but I’m most envious of the spirit in which they’ve chosen to live their lives in the here and now.  No regrets, just one on one against Mother Nature and her long list of environmental variables that lie far beyond the control of mere mortals.  Searching for that next rush of 100% pure adrenaline and screaming “I’m Alive! It’s my life and I’m going to live it on my terms and no one else’s.”

adrenaline rushWillingness to take calculated risks, embrace danger, moving forward not backward when the outcome is uncertain, yearning for more and ever increasing speeds under extreme conditions, expanding personal horizons of what you can and can’t do and having an unquenchable thirst to surpass the limits of where others feared to tread are all common threads of today’s Extreme Action Adventure professional athletes.

The best way to capture the type of awe and envy that I have for these non-traditional pro athletes is by looking at their faces before, during and immediately after they’ve just done something that’s taken their respective sport to new heights.  First, you’ll see great anticipation for what’s about to take place and then a sense of peace and serenity as they flawlessly handle whatever obstacles or adversities that Mother Nature puts in their way.

Finally, you’ll see what I believe to be one of the most compelling and infectious sights in all of sports; the face of a happy, victorious and conquering extreme athlete.  I’ve seen that face hundreds of times and it’s still as wonderfully contagious as ever.  How can you ever get tired of seeing the word “FREEDOM” spelled across someone’s face with a smile?

Bottom Line; Life Should be an Adventure, Not a Job and that’s why I envy professional athletes in extreme adventure sports.

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