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New and experienced skydivers from across the globe take advantage of the facilities and amenities which separate us from any other center. Enjoy the safety and excitement of our private airport, used exclusively for skydiving with wide open landing areas around us and clear airspace above. The Bombshelter Sports Bar and Restaurant, pool and deck can turn your group’s skydiving experience into a great party. Groups of 10 or more first time jumpers can jump at the same time with highly trained Instructors from the largest fleet of aircraft on the West Coast.

PerrisValleyPic6The best in Southern California Skydiving!

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Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

Skydive Perris is the largest facility on the west coast, and we are home to the largest fleet of aircraft. For new & experienced skydivers, this is the place to jump!

For those making their first parachute jump or as an experienced jumper, Perris Valley Skydiving School has the best instructors, both Tandem and AFF (Accelerated Freefall) available. All student and tandem gear is fully equipped with the latest in safety technology.



Tandem Skydive

A Tandem Skydive is one of two options we offer for you to experience your first jump. A Tandem Skydive is where you’re physically attached to an instructor by a harness. This allows you the thrill of freefall with the comfort of an experienced instructor. You exit the aircraft in Tandem from 13,000 feet about the ground, free fall for nearly one minute, and then descend under a parachute built for two. You descend slowly, making nice carving turns through the sky for approximately 5 minutes allowing you to enjoy the breath-taking view. Together you and your instructor will flare your canopy for a nice soft landing. After just one-half hour of instruction, you will be on your way to the experience of a lifetime.

Skydive Perris is the only skydiving center which captures your jumps from two video angles. Your videos will be online and available to share with your friends within minutes of your skydive!

For your safety, you must weigh 240 lbs. or less and be at least 18 years old to jump tandem. Start-to-finish, allow 2-4 hours.  To reserve a spot,  call us (800) 832-8818  or email us at 

Accelerated Free Fall

As A 1st Jump Experience And The Fastest Way To Learn To Skydive

The AFF jump is for you if you’re looking to experience the thrill of skydiving with instructors at your side–not attached to you. This jump experience is often more rewarding because, after 4 to 5 hours of ground instruction, you’re in control of the skydive. The instruction is much more detailed than a Tandem Skydive because you’re in charge. You have two instructors who exit the airplane with you, fly by your side to coach you (using hand signals you learned during your training), and assist you if necessary during your nearly one minute of freefall. The instructors will leave your side after you deploy your own parachute. After 4 to 5 minutes of breath-taking views, you get to land your parachute. With radio assistance, you will be directed to the proper landing area for a nice controlled landing. To reserve a spot,  call us (800) 832-8818  or email us at

The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program is the industry standard for achieving your skydive certification. In only eight jumps you can receive your certificate that allows you to jump by yourself.

You must weigh 220 lbs. or less and be at least 18 years old for AFF.

Jump Prices

Prices are subject to change. Please contact us to verify the current prices.

Tandem jump – up to 240lbs
Group of 5 or more $20 discount on either video package

Accelerated Freefall (AFF)

Level 1 $349
Levels 2-3 $239 ea.
Levels 4-8 $219 ea.

Basic Video (Tandem Only) $69

PRO-Video Package $135
$20 discounts on either video package are available for full time students, military and senior citizens.
Only one discount per person.

Hours of Operation

We are open seven days a week, 365 days a year. We skydive from 7:00am to sunset Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Monday through Friday, 8:00am to sunset.


Please note: as a courtesy to all our skydivers, we do not allow animals (including dogs) or unattended children on the drop zone.

Perris Valley Skydiving – Indoor Skydiving Simulator

The only skydiving center in California with an Indoor Skydiving Simulator! If you want to experience flight before you jump from a plane, or if you aren’t ready to make an actual jump yet, you can feel what freefall is like in our Indoor Skydiving Simulator! No other skydiving center in California can provide you with this ultimate experience. Perfect for groups, office outings and for kids or adult birthday parties.

Our 96-foot tall Indoor Skydiving Simulator is the premier attraction – only one of two in the world located at a skydiving center! Ideal for all ages and skill levels, this multimillion dollar, state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel allows guests to enjoy the sensation of freefall without the airplane! You’ll become familiar with the art of indoor skydiving after just a few minutes floating on the column of air. It’s unique and a lot of fun for the whole family, even children as young as 3 can fly with us.

The vertical wind tunnel is also ideal for jumpers of all levels to advance their skydiving skills. We offer specially designed tailored for AFF, novice and even completion skydivers. Wind tunnel training accelerates your progression at every level.

PerrisValleyPic7Indoor Skydiving Pricing and Hours Of Operation

Normal operating hours are 9-5 weekdays and 8-6 on the weekends to accept walk-in and phone reservations as well as to provide general information. With reservations we are happy to extend our hours for parties for groups, parties and training.

 Anyone can fly! From Ages 3 – 103



 2 FLIGHTS $55.00

(Each flight is a minute in duration)


Flight Training by a Certified Body Flight Instructor!

Indoor Skydiving Gear from Head to Toe!

Two Flights in the Skydiving Simulator!

(Comparable to 2 skydives from 12,500ft)

Souvenir Flight Certificate to show that you experienced 120 mph of Body Flight!


DVD+RW (leader included) $35.00






(Up to 12 First Time Flyers)

(2 Flights each, DVD and Flight Certificates included)



(Includes Souvenir “I JUMPED” T-Shirt)

*Prices do not include sales tax on retail items.




(Can be shared by skydivers and return flyers)

10 minutes – $195

15 minutes – $275

30 minutes – $500

60 minutes – $950


(Per 10 or 15 min block, Includes Debriefing)

Tunnel Office – 951-940-4290


All tunnel time must be paid in full at the time your reservation is made. Sorry, no exceptions.


PerrisValleyPic9Flyers must arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time to allow for processing. All flyers are required to sign a waiver. If under the age of 18, a waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to flight, no exceptions (parent is not required to be present). We’re sorry but we are unable to allow any flyers who have experienced previous shoulder dislocations.
Jewelry and other personal items are not allowed in the flight chamber. Although we offer lockers when you are asked to empty your pockets, you may choose to secure your items at home. We recommend lace-up shoes – no slip-ons or sandals. We have shoes available should you need some.

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Cancellation Policy: If you wish to reschedule or cancel a flight please do so with more than 72 hrs notice to receive a refund of your deposit money. Between 24 & 48 hrs you can reschedule, with less than 24 hrs notice your deposit is forfeited.


For more info please call 951-940-4290 or Contact: 

Mary Tortomasi – Chief Instructor via email: 



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn to skydive?
Why should I jump at Perris, and not some other drop zone?
Can my friends and I be on the same plane?
Is Skydiving Safe?
What are the age requirements?
What are the physical requirements?
How long is the training?
How many jumps before I can skydive by myself or with friends?
When I jump, will my stomach end up in my throat?
How fast do you fall?
What if my parachute doesn’t open?
How hard is the landing?
Can you breathe in freefall?
How do you communicate in freefall? Can you talk?

How do I learn to skydive?
Simple! Just pick up the phone and call 1-800-S-K-Y-D-I-V-E ! You’ll be put directly in touch with our friendly and experienced staff who will answer all your questions and make your appointment for that first jump! There are two ways to make your first jump.
• Tandem Jump
• AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Training


Why should I jump at Perris, and not some other drop zone?
Many reasons. The most important is SAFETY. Each student rig is equipped with an automatic activation device. This device will automatically deploy your parachute in the unlikely event that you or your instructor does not.
Perris is also one of three schools in the United States to adhere to a drug-testing program for all of our instructors, pilots, mechanics, videographers and student packers. Your safety is our primary concern!
Our fulltime instructional staff has, on the average, 5,000 jumps and has been working and skydiving at Perris for 15 years. Along with an unsurpassed safety record, we are the largest skydiving school in the world, and we operate from the only “resort” skydiving facility! We have a restaurant and full bar, a swimming pool, lots of grass and trees and the largest landing area in Southern California.
We have been in business at this location since 1976. Perris Valley Skydiving averages 100,000 skydives each year, and is recognized World Wide as a premier Skydiving Facility for students. Unlike some of our competitors, at Perris you’ll land right in the same area where you took off, in full view of your family and friends! At Perris, you’ll skydive from 13,000 feet. That’s 25% higher than our competition, giving you 25% more skydive! We maintain the largest fleet of skydiving-equipped aircraft on the West Coast. Our large and super fast Dash-28 Twin Otters carry up to 22 jumpers each and climb to jumping altitude in 15 minutes!

Can my friends and I be on the same plane?
At Perris, the answer is Yes! Perris is #1 at accommodating groups and we have the capability to put you and your friends on the same aircraft. Your group size may be limited to 6 or 7 people depending on how many in your group will be getting a video of their skydive. While the aircraft can carry 22 jumpers, your jumpmaster and videographer will each take one of those spots. We also offer group discounts, and our very own Bombshelter Sports Bar and Grill is a great place for a post jump video party!

Is Skydiving Safe?
Your safety is our top priority. Skydiving is a high-speed sport, and as with other adventures such as skiing, boating or racing, there are always dangerous elements that must be respected. With the state-of-the-art training and equipment now available, skydiving has become a sport anyone can try, and can be a safe adventure. At Perris, all of our student equipment is equipped with an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) designed to activate your parachute automatically should you fail to do so. All of our skydiving instructors have undergone rigorous training and certification, and all student parachutes are packed under FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Rigger supervision. Our staff of full time aircraft mechanics constantly monitor and maintain our fleet of aircraft. We strictly adhere to all FAA and USPA (United States Parachute Association) guidelines on safety.

What are the age requirements?
You must be at least 18 years of age to make any skydive. Photo ID is required. No one is “too old” to experience the thrill of skydiving, however. In fact, our oldest passenger so far is 93 years young!

What are the physical requirements?
For AFF , you must weigh 220 pounds or less. For Tandem, you must weigh 240 pounds or less. You will be weighed when you get here. There are federal requirements that prevent us from allowing jumpers to exceed these weights. Remember, at Perris, your safety comes first! There are no height requirements.
As with any sport, the better shape you are in the easier it will be and the more fun you will have. However, one of the best features of the Tandem program is that is has opened the sport up to the mainstream public. Almost anyone can make a tandem skydive. We’ve taken people with many different disabilities, even those who are missing limbs. We have some of the most experienced Tandem Masters in the field working full time at Perris. If you have a special requirement, call us! We can make your dream of flight come true!
If you have ear or sinus problems, experience seizures or fainting spells or have a weak heart, you should not be jumping. The best course of action in these cases is to check with your own doctor. If you have a medical problem, you will be asked to bring a release from your doctor before you can skydive.


Perris Valley Skydiving provides $10 off your first skydive.  Visit us for tandem skydiving, Southern California parachuting, Southern California skydiving, Perris Valley Skydiving.

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