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Discover the other locally Tracy, over vineyards and ag country!


  • Approximate 1 hour hot air balloon ride includes: Champagne Celebration (or beverage of choice), Flight Certificate with passenger’s name printed on it and a special Professor Muldoon Pin.

NOW OPEN for hot air balloon rides in TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA.

  • Serving all of Kern County.
  • Office hours Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm
  • Call us at (661) 823-7663 or 1-(800) 822-3333


  • Company picnics, grand openings, graduation nights, and other special events. Call for more information and a quote for your special event!

Memories that will last you a lifetime!

Please fill out the following information. After you click Submit, the coupon will be instantly emailed to you. Print the coupon, and take it with you on your adventure. Have fun, and if you have time let us know how it went when you get back.
Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

Your adventure begins at the crack of dawn, when the winds are gentle and the light from the morning sun makes the valley shine like a crystal. The gondola is “old fashioned” wicker with leather trim; the envelope, a kaleidoscope of colors.

Once aloft, the brightly colored balloon floats so softly on the breezes that the wind “disappears”; there is no sense of movement, for you have become the wind, drifting peacefully along.
When your journey is complete, you will gently descend to earth. Upon landing you will experience an effervescent champagne reception, or beverage of your choice (sparkling cider, soda, or bottled water). Each person receives a personalized flight certificate. All this and your experience of flight on your air adventure in California are now memories that will last you a lifetime!

Call for Reservations – We fly 7 days a week, year-round, weather permitting. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Call (800) 822-3333 or Tracy, CA locally at (209) 833-9014 orTehachapi, CA locally at (661) 823-7663.
Departure Time – Flights are launched shortly after dawn, when the winds are calm, the air is clean and the skies are beautiful. The flight will last approximately one hour.

Visit Professor Muldoon’s Hot Air Balloon Company for California balloon rides, serving Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Livermore Wine Country, Tracy vineyards and Ag country……for Southern/Central California our Tehachapi flights, serving Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Mojave, all of Kern County , Lancaster, Palmdale, Antelope Valley.

Flight  Locations
Northern California, flying out of the Tracy Municipal Airport serving San Francisco Bay Area, Livermore Wine Country, Tracy Wine Region and Ag Country

Southern/Central California, flying out of the Tehachapi Municipal Airport, serving Bakersfield, Tepachapi, Mojave, all of Kern County, Lancaster, Palmdale, Antelope Valley.

Gift Certificates-We have gift certificates for all occasions. Good anytime year round, weather permitting.

Reservations – We fly 7 days a week, year-round, weather permitting. We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard

Departure Times – Flights are launched shortly after dawn, when the winds are calm and beautiful. Approximately one hour flights

Passengers – Based on total weight our balloons will accommodate from 4 to 8 passengers, plus the FAA Certified  Commercial Pilot. We can take several flights in a morning to accommodate groups.

Rates– Price per person is $225. USD. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact the company directly to verify current prices and periodic specials

Recommended Attire – Comfortable long casual pants (no shorts please); closed-toe, low-heeled shoes. You will be out in fields. Dress layered, it’s warmer aloft than on the ground.

Cameras, Video Cameras – Bring them all, and lots of film! Remember to charge your batteries.

PILOTS are all FAA Certified Commercial Pilots for LTA (lighter than air, hot air balloons) since 1979.

Gift  Certificates  for  all  occasions . . .  Good for anytime, weather permitting. Certificates are personalized for the special occasion and person!

DIRECTIONS  for  Tracy, CA Hot  Air  Balloon  Rides
Tracy, CA Hot Air Balloon Rides depart from the Tracy Municipal Airport in Tracy, California.
Click on the map below for driving directions from your location or book a flight today
and get directions from one of our friendly customer service representatives.

DIRECTIONS  for  Tehachapi, CA Hot  Air  Balloon  Rides
Tehachapi, CA Hot Air Balloon Rides depart from the Tehachapi Municipal Airport in Tehachapi, California.
• Go East Highway 58 to Mill st. off ramp.
• Make right (south) onto Mill st.
• A short way down the street turn left on Industrial Parkway
• Turn right on Curry st.
• Turn left on “J” st.
• Approximately a quarter of a mile down “J” st. you will come to the large airport gate


Professor Muldoon’s Hot Air Balloon Company provides $50 off second person.  Visit us for Hot Air Balloon Ride, Hot Air Balloon Rides California, Air Adventure California, Gift Certificates.

  • Tehachapi, CA 93581, USA
  • Toll Free: (800) 822-3333
  • Tracy: (209) 833-9014
  • Tehachapi: (661) 823-7663
  • Contact:

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