Bungee Jumping – The Fastest & Safest Way to Get an Extreme Rush!

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Ever watched a professional extreme adventure skier drop out of a helicopter, land on the top of a vertical snow capped mountain and shred his way to the bottom as if it were just another day at the office?  Watch in amazement as a wingsuit flyer leaps from an airplane at 20,000 feet with nothing but some plastic/nylon wings and a parachute the size of a lunch box or shudder as an extreme mountain biker launches himself off the edge of a cliff in what surely must be a suicide mission only to watch them expertly ricochet off jagged rock walls and land softly on the canyon floor without breaking a sweat?

Professional Extreme Adventure Seekers are a living testimony to the existence of the proverbial risk to reward ratio. They’re willing to risk life and limb, embrace unforeseen danger and look fear right in the eyes without blinking and for what?  If it’s not the money, the fame or the opportunity to be worshipped by millions of adoring fans then just what reward do they get?

extreme adventuresThey get to feel alive, un-tethered, free, satisfied, unencumbered, tranquil, peaceful, accomplished, happy and serene.  Last, but totally not the least, all of these warm, enticing and out of this world feelings and emotions are courtesy of the extreme adventure seeker’s best friend; a 100% Pure Adrenaline Rush!

All extreme action adventure sports offer some type of adrenaline rush, but the elusive 100% Pure Adrenaline Rush isn’t your everyday adrenaline rush and it takes just the right combination of risk, danger, fear, uncertainty and the distinct possibility of doing bodily harm to yourself for it to materialize.

What I wouldn’t give to be in their shoes and feel what they feel, if only for a few minutes or even a few seconds. I’m not sure if these thoughts were aspirations or simply a case of wishful thinking, but it really doesn’t matter anymore because I’ve found an extreme action adventure sport that meets all the criteria listed above, makes you feel totally alive, free and unencumbered and without having to update my Last Will & Testament, increase my life insurance benefits or quit work to train for the next 5 years.  Better yet, you get a first class, E-Ticket rush of 100% Pure Adrenaline; it’s called Bungee Jumping and anyone can do it!

Seriously, if you’re looking to add some adventure to your everyday routine or to spice up your life, why not give bungee jumping a go?  Anyone can go bungee jumping and you don’t need any experience, special training or licenses.  You do have to be in good health and of legal age, but that’s it.  Experienced jumpers leap from Hot Air Balloons, towers, tall buildings, cliffs and mountain tops, but beginners and intermediate participants use cranes and bridges.

You’ll plummet at 75 miles per hour towards whatever lies beneath you.  Lakes, rivers and streams are popular bungee jumping destinations, but so are dry creek beds and rock quarries.  You’ll drop anywhere from 150-200 feet and the only thing keeping you from splattering all over the place is a giant rubber band.  The ground rushes up to meet your face and what appeared to be tiny objects just a few seconds ago, now appear to be gigantic.  You can almost smell the earth rushing at your face and just when you think you’ve cheated the odds for the last time you feel a slight tug and then your entire body is pulled upwards towards the skies.  The adrenaline rush is amazing and out of this world and it gives you the same sense of a free fall as you’d get with skydiving and parachuting.

Contrary to what the description above might have you thinking, bungee jumping is actually much safer than many traditional sports.  Here are some recommendations to help make your bungee jumping adventure the most safe, fun filled and memorable experience possible.

extreme adventures writing tipsTips, Info & Recommendations to Maximize Your Bungee Jumping Experience

  1. Find a Reputable Bungee Jumping Company – Above anything else, sign-up with a reputable company.  Choose a company that’s been in business for awhile and check on their safety record.  Listen to what others are saying and “Word of Mouth.”  The Internet is great for checking out websites and finding out information.
  2. Make sure you sign the Bungee Company’s Waiver
  3. Your Bungee Company should supply your harness, cords, helmet and all necessary safety equipment and an expert should be on hand to hook you up.


Safety Precautions
As in any sport or extreme sport you should be aware of potential dangers. Accidents do happen and it’s necessary for you to be aware and take proper precautions:

  1. Comply with all instructions provided by your bungee director and make sure that all safety equipment is properly secured before jumping.
  2. You should be in good physical health before you jump.  If you feel your health might be a concern than please consult your doctor before attempting your jump.  Conditions that could worsen with bungee jumping are:
  • Sore knees and hips
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart condition
  • Epilepsy

Don’t worry, these are just precautions and the good news is that the safety record for bungee jumping makes it safer than many non-extreme traditional sports.

All you need to be concerned with is enjoying the experience of a lifetime and grabbing that 100% rush of pure Adrenaline!  It’s totally worth it!



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