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Welcome to CalAdventures, your trusted California Adventure Seeker Resource for over 16 years.  We’ve been hooking up Adventure Seekers just like you with quality Adventure Companies and Adventure Providers since 1997 and if you’re interested in an adventure that’s Extreme, Romantic, Relaxing, Challenging, Memorable, Exciting, Fun or anything in between then you’ve come to the right place.

customer focus, Road Trip Ideas Los Angeles, about Caladventures, adventures in California, Summer Vacation spots San Francisco, Summer Vacation spots Monterey, Family Vacation spots Southern California, Day trip Ideas Northern California, Day trip Ideas Napa Valley, Family Vacation Ideas San DiegoAre you a single, a couple, a family or a group? No problem, we’ve got you covered!  Looking for an adventure that’s on land, in the air or on water?  No problem, we’ve got you covered!

Our expectations, mission and goals are the same today as they were when we first opened our doors for business 16 years ago.  First, provide a no cost, reliable and diverse resource platform for California Adventure Seekers to help them save time, money and avoid unnecessary frustration.  Second, open up a new world of unique and diverse adventure possibilities to Adventure Seekers that they wouldn’t customarily search for or hear about.  Our focus is on you, the Adventure Seeker.

When used properly, the Internet can be a very powerful tool!  It provides Adventure Seekers with a great resource for finding, comparing and exploring the details of adventures that interest them and the companies that provide them.  Unfortunatley, not all resource centers are created equal and unlike CalAdventures, they don’t all put the needs of Adventure Seekers above their own.  CalAdventures focuses on making your adventure experience all that it can be and more…

Some resource sites are nothing more than gigantic online billboards that allow anyone to post anything for free.  Others devote the majority of their site to advertising and you can’t tell where the sales stop and the adventures begin.

valueCalAdventures isn’t a free online directory and we don’t plaster our site with wall to wall advertisements.  Our Adventure Companies, Providers and Partners share the same Adventure philosophy.  Provide Adventure Seekers with top notch adventures at a value price point with great service and they’ll not only come back, they’ll bring their friends.

Our adventure philosophy has served Adventure Seekers and CalAdventures well for the last 16 years, and like the old saying goes, why fix it if it’s not broken.

Thanks for visiting CalAdventures and we hope your adventure exploration turns up exactly what you were looking for or maybe something even better!

CalAdventures (along with sister sites Adventures In Florida and (Adventures In New York) was founded in 1997 by Steve Kinney.  Steve is a mathematician, software engineer, entrepreneur, and adventure lover who discovered first hand how yearly bungee jumping encouraged personal growth and opened up new horizons.  That personal growth inspired him to start CalAdventures so that others could experience for themselves the benefits of trying something new and exhilarating and at the same time give greater visibility to adventure businesses that might have gone undiscovered otherwise.

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