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The Ultimate Romantic Adventure

Come see Sonoma County like no other way, soaring above it in a hot air balloon!

Up & Away Ballooning offers the most personalized, professional ballooning experience in Sonoma County. We are proud of our 100% positive safety record in 19+ years of flying thousands of riders. After the flight, a handmade gourmet brunch is served in a winery setting. No extra or hidden fees. Wheelchair accessible. Visit us for hot air balloon rides, balloon rides, balloon rides in Northern Californi, hot air balloons, romantic weekends, wine country.

Up&AwayPic7A perfect way to say “I Love You” whether it’s the first time or an anniversary…a proposal or a honeymoon… renewing your vows or a wedding ceremony. We’ll work with you to plan the most romantic adventure imaginable in one of the most romantic and beautiful settings on earth.

Please fill out the following information. After you click Submit, the coupon will be instantly emailed to you. Print the coupon, and take it with you on your adventure. Have fun, and if you have time let us know how it went when you get back.
Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

The beginning of your morning

Your morning will start with an early wake up (what time is it??!!) call from your pilot to get you up and going. We meet at the Sonoma County Airport just outside of Santa Rosa. We will send you directions to get you there when you set up your flight. From there we will travel to the best launch site available to ensure a scenic and safe flight. The flight will last approximately one hour and can range from 3 to 10 miles depending on the wind currents.
What should we wear?
The best way to go is with layered, natural fiber clothing. Long pants and sturdy shoes are also the fashion norm in ballooning; no sandals or shorts yet, save those for later. Our mornings are cool but soon warm up as the day progresses.
Let’s get ready to Fly!!
When we get to the launch field, we (the pilot and crew, but please help us, as that is part of the fun) lay out the balloon and cold inflate it. This is done by blowing cold air into the envelope (the big colorful bag). When it is time to go hot (whoa!), hot air from the burners (heat maker) is put into the balloon and it stands up ready for flight! Time to jump in, get a safety/orientation briefing and lets go flying!
Up&AwayPic8Where are we going today?
This is a frequently asked question, which is usually answered with, “Where Mother Nature sends us”. Actually, prior to meeting, the pilot will have kept a close watch on the weather patterns and will have gotten a weather briefing from the F.A.A. Flight Service Station. With that knowledge it is determined where to set-up and in which general direction we will go. The winds at altitude actually travel in “layers” and it is these “layers” that are used to steer the balloon around the heavens. Pretty cool!
What will we see, hear and experience while flying?
Depending on the altitude, you may see the Pacific Ocean, look into the Napa Valley or on a clear day, the buildings in San Francisco 60 miles away! At lower altitudes we will fly just above the grapevines and see rabbits, deer and other wildlife. We may even dip into a lake or pond for a “Splash and Dash”. When the pilot is not adding heat to the balloon, you will hear peace and quiet. You will also feel the unique experience of looking out all four “windows”. No other form of flight offers such oneness with nature.
It’s not over . . . choose the Champagne Brunch to continue the Romance!
Well, it’s been wonderful, but it’s not over yet!
The wonderful flight you just had is only half of our special morning together. After landing, we come back to the airport, get your vehicle and head over to Kendall-Jackson Winery for a one of a kind gourmet brunch.
All the other operations take their riders to local cafés, instead we provide a personalized fare that includes: warm hand-crafted quiche; strawberries hand-dipped in chocolate; fresh fruit; local cheeses; our famous low calorie coffee cake (just kidding about the low calorie part), creamy spreads; nuts; wheat crackers; coffee, etc.
The brunch is served on beautiful hand-painted plates with pictures of our balloons on them. Champagne and juice are poured in our logo stemware and a toast is made to all the new aeronauts.
We also give each rider a personalized flight certificate with their name on it. No one comes close to offering such a personalized, unique end to our time together.
What the FAA said about Up & Away Balloons
“Mike, thanks for the incredible flight. Your skill, knowledge, competence and professionalism are all exemplary!! You’re truly an asset to the sport and ballooning community! Keep up the excellence!”.
Jennifer Adair, Safety Investigator, Oakland Flight Service District Office

A word on Safety
Your F.A.A. certified pilot has many hours of training and flight experience. Safety seminars are attended every year to be constantly vigil to any new safety concerns relating to balloon operations. If the conditions at pre-flight launch are not favorable, we will not fly. Your safety and comfort are our main concern. All federal aviation rules and regulations are observed during our flight operations. The pilot goes through a pre-flight checklist before each flight to ensure the balloon is ready for flight. Also, the balloon itself goes through an annual inspection to ensure its airworthiness. By the way, ballooning is the safest form of aviation, but it is the pilot-in-command who’s attitude towards a safe and enjoyable flight that makes the difference. We strive to be one of the best in the area.

Q. When do you meet?
A. Meeting time is about a half and hour before posted sunrise. From 5:30 am to 7:30 am depending on the season. Ballooning is always a morning activity.

Q. Where do you meet?
A. See the Flight page for directions.

Q. How high do you go?
A. Everyday is a bit different. The winds travel at different directions at different altitudes. This is how we steer the balloons around.

Q. How long is the flight?
A. The ride is an hour or more. With the flight and brunch, total time together is about four to five-ish hours.

Q. I am afraid of heights? Is it scary?
A. Me too. There is no sensation of height as there is no connection to the ground. You have to see it to believe it. A balloon ride is one of the most relaxing things you’ll ever do. Also, we are proud of our 100% safety record.

Q. How many people are in the basket?
A. We have three balloons. One carries six, one carries eight to nine and one carries 12-14. We are also wheelchair accessible.

Q. What if the weather makes flying not possible?
A. If you have a back up day, and we have room, we can accommodate you. We do not take any deposit money up front. We secure the date with a credit card number, but do not charge till after the flight. Easier not to give your money back if we do not take it in the first place.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. A 48 hour notice or more is ok. 24 hours or less, for any reason, is a 100% charge.

Reservations: Call Mike Kijak
toll-free: 1-800-711-2998
or local: 707-836-0171

Adults / $235 per person
Seniors 60+ and Teens 13-18 / $220 per person
Children 6-12 / $195 per person

There are NO additional hidden fees, service charges or taxes

Call for wedding and private flight pricing

Visit us for hot air balloon rides, balloon rides, balloon rides in Northern Californi, hot air balloons, romantic weekends, wine country.


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