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Adventure, Thrills, and Fun on the Most Eco-Friendly, Cutting-Edge Gizmo Around!

Welcome to Segway Off Road!

If you’re looking for adventure, thrills, and fun on the most eco friendly, cutting-edge gizmo around you’ve come to the right place! Segways, those unique two-wheeled, self balancing mobility devices are easy to ride, are made in two models, street, and off road. Off road segways are what we use to take you on amazing trails in the San Francisco Bay Area, from the redwoods, to beaches, to urban areas. 

segway san francisco tours, Segway Off RoadEach tour is a private tour, catering to your interests, ability, and the climate on the day you wish to enjoy your Segway Off Road tour.

We offer Segway Tours in San Francisco, including off-road tours

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San Francisco Segway Tours

If you love the outdoors and adventure, then Segway Off Road tours are perfect for you. Our tours go beyond the usual segway tours commonly offered, and take you into some of the most gorgeous wilderness areas in the San Francisco Bay Area. We feature tours in the redwoods, the Marin headlands, and urban areas like San Francisco and Jack London Square.

Since Segways travel up to 12 mph and are battery powered, they are quiet and eco friendly, safe to use in delicate natural California coastal regions. The unique weight distribution design of off road Segways means that there is less environmental impact by Segway usage than by human feet. A Segway with a rider on it can roll over the average healthy human foot without injury. Be sure to bring your camera because our tours offer great photo ops.

Our off road tours cover extreme terrains unlike any other. Advanced users who have completed the required number of practice hours can qualify for our Adrenalin tours, the fastest Segway excitement. Since we are often on trails, we can access places others cannot, giving us a chance to cut loose and explore the full range of Segway riding experiences. Be prepared for thrills when you take a Segway Off Road tour!

Segway Off Road Jack London Square Tour: 2 1/2 hours (including a 15 safety video and a 15 minute private lesson)

This Segway tour starts with a ride through Merritt Park, traversing an arched wooden bridge, then gliding through a pedestrian tunnel on the way to historic Jack London Square. A special feature is the opportunity to ride a glass elevator up four stories to an elevated walkway, giving riders an unusual view of the waterfront area.

The tour then continues through the docks and into the heart of the Jack London Square. Segway tourists can take some time to explore the shops in the area, or catch a bite to eat or shoot some photo’s of the sites before the return trip.

(This Segway tour meets in the parking lot of the Oakland Estuary park /Jack London Aquatic Center located at 105 Oak street, Oakland,Just south of Jack London square.)

$75 per person

Segway Off Road tours that thrill your senses!

This 2 1/2 hour Segway tour includes a 15 minute safety video and 15 minute private Segway riding lesson. This thrilling Segway tour will take you through beautiful groves of ancient redwood trees and native forest. You will get to see the historic site of one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest and most important redwood giants, nestled in the beautiful Oakland, San Francisco East Bay hills.

san francisco segway toursOff road trail Segway riding through lush redwoods offers each rider a chance to test their skills, balance, reflexes, plus the freedom to play! Since Segways are less damaging to natural terrain than even hiking boots, you can enjoy the gorgeous skyline area Oakland redwood hills surrounding the Chabot Science Center, while having eco friendly fun.

From the peaceful tranquility of ancient redwood groves, to dramatic and spectacular views of Mt. Diablo, the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, and a panorama of the entire San Francisco Bay Area (from elevations of 1200-1400 feet) … you’ve never taken a Segway tour like this!

It is highly recommended for individuals interested in exploring these off road adventure tours to take a city tour first, but not required. Contact us if you have any questions.

$75 per person (plus tax)

Segway Off Road Adrenalin Tours Rock! 2 hours (all ride time)

Adrenalin Segway Off Road tours are only offered to individuals who have earned our exclusive Red Key Badge.

How can you earn a Segway Off Road Adrenalin Tour Badge? It’s easy and fun!

To earn your Segway Off Road Red Key Badge you must complete a recent urban Segway tour from us or from any other competitor (just show a receipt or picture of a past tour), and one Off Road Segway Tour. (for a total of two previous tours)

You must be able to handle higher speeds acurately while riding your Segway over a wide variety of terrains. Be prepared for a real adventure on an Adrenalin tour!

If you own your own Segway, then we can test your skills to help you earn your badge instantly. Simply contact us to set up an appointment for one of our staff to test you, and earn your badge. Adrenalin Segway Off Road tours are perfect for you if you love an adrenalin rush and want to enjoy the redwoods like you have never before. Each segway tour is truly a once in a life time ride!

Every Tour is Custom & Private!

Since we customize our segway tours, we have the ability to make every tour feel new and unique. With an array of gorgeous trails throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, our tours are also known for natural beauty and exceptional photo ops.

segway tours san francisco, segway tours san francisco bay areaIf you’re looking for a truly unique, eco friendly and fun adventure in the San Francisco Bay Area, then you’ll love tours at Segway Off Road!

$85 per person (plus tax)

Earn Your Red Key Badge from Segway Off Road!

Our Red Key Badge is a special badge for people who are proficient and confident riders of segways. To earn this special badge riders must be able to handle riding a segway over varied terrain, in the hills, urban settings, and beaches, safely. Safety is key for Segway Off Road, and one reason that we customize all our segway tours according to our assessment of our guest’s abilities.

We include private instruction for our guests at the beginning of each tour, so each person is given the training and personal attention they need to succeed. Every tour at Segway Off Road is an adrenalin boosting adventure, but our Extreme Adrenalin Tours push the envelope further and provide truly extreme adventure.

Red Key Badge holders can enjoy Extreme Adrenalin segway tours throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, in the mountains, on beaches, and in places you’d never imagine! Part of the fun is that you get to access the natural beauty of the SF Bay Area in places you might not discover otherwise.

Call us for pricing! Segway Off Road provides $10 Off Each Up to 6 People, $15 Off Groups of More Than 6. Visit us for san francisco segway tours, segway tours san francisco, segway tours san francisco bay area, segway san francisco tours, Segway Off Road.

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