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The Premier Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays Range in Southern California

We offer:

  • 9 Trap Fields
  • 4 Skeet Fields
  • 10 Sporting Clays Stations
  • ATA Registered Trap Shoots
  • NSSA Registered Skeet Shoots
  • Trap and Skeet Leagues
  • fun shoots
  • and more!

We strive to provide your family with a safe, legal and fun place to shoot.

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Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

Welcome to Redlands Shooting Park!

We are the chief range for Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays in Southern California.  As a professionally managed shooting park, we offer a safe, legal, and fun place for your family to shoot.  We have ATA Registered Trap Shoots, NSSA Registered Skeet Shoots, Trap and Skeet Leagues, fun shoots, and much more.  This all takes place on our 9 Trap Fields, 4 Skeet Fields, and 10 Sporting Clays Stations.

Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 9am – 10pm
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 5pm
We thank you for visiting and hope you come to our park and shoot the best clay targets in California!!!
Trap – 9 regulation trap fields equipped with voice release
Skeet – 4 regulation skeet fields
Sporting Clays – 10 station sporting clays course
Club House and Pro Shop – Comfortable Club House and Pro Shop with ammunition, Shotgun Rentals, Apparel and much more.

ATA registered Trap Shoots, NSSA registered Skeet Shoots, Trap Leagues, fun shoots and more
Trap & Skeet $7.00/25 targets
Sporting Clays $45.00/100 targets

WE RENT SHOTGUNS!!! Only $2.00/25 targets

$50 Single Membership
$100 Family Membership up to 5 people
Membership year is Jan 1 – Dec 31

Note: Trap and Skeet Add $2.00 for Non-Members/25 targets
Trap shooting is one of the three major forms of competitive clay pigeon shooting (shotgun shooting at clay targets). The others are skeet shooting and sporting clays. There are many versions including Olympic trap, Double trap (which is also an Olympic event), Down-The-Line, and Nordic trap. American trap is most popular in the United States and Canada. American trap has two independent governing bodies: the Amateur Trapshooting Association, which sanctions shoots throughout the United States and Canada, and the Pacific International Trapshooting Association, which sanctions shoots on the West Coast.

The sport is in some ways a replacement for a game where the targets were live pigeons. Indeed, one of the names for the clay targets used in shooting games is clay pigeons. The layout of modern trap shooting is different from skeet shooting in that there is only one house that releases targets and the shooters only move through five different positions.

Trap shooting has been a sport since at least 1793 when it used real birds, usually the Passenger Pigeon, which was extremely abundant at the time. Fake birds were introduced around the time of the American Civil War as the Passenger Pigeon was nearing extinction and sufficient numbers were not reliably available. Clay targets were introduced in the 1880s, and gained wide acceptance, but trap shooting of live birds is still practiced in some parts of the United States.
American trap is shot with lead target ammo, with a shot size between 7 ½ and 9 (2.0-2.4 mm). Ammunition is allowed a maximum of 1-1/8 oz (32 g) of shot and maximum velocities vary with shot mass: 1290 ft/s (393 m/s) for 1-1/8 oz (32 g), 1325 ft/s (404 m/s) for 1 oz (28 g), and 1350 ft/s (414 m/s) for 7/8 oz (24 g). Maximum loads are generally only needed for long handicap or the second doubles shot. When required at certain trap clubs, steel shot can be used.

Although Winchester AA, Remington STS, and other higher end shot shells have been popular in the trapshooting world for quite some time, cheaper shells such as Federal Top Gun, Rio & Estate are becoming increasingly popular due to the increase in price of the higher end shells. Federal Top Gun, Rio & Estate still offer the decent firepower of Winchester AA shells, but lack a sturdy hull thus making them difficult to reload. Reloading is becoming much more popular because it costs less than buying new boxes of shells and doesn’t take quite as long to manufacture a box of shells as it used to – due to the invention of hydraulic reloading machines.
Membership Information
Membership pricing:

Life Membership $350.00
Annual Membership Family and Friends (2 to 5 people) $100.00
Annual Membership (Single) $50.00

Target Pricing:

Trap & Skeet (Member) $7.00/25 targets
Trap & Skeet (Non Member) Add $2.00/25 targets
Walk-Thru Sporting Clays $45.00/100 targets
Note: Memberships are from January 1st to December 31st

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