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Funseekers! — Palm Desert Bike
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Rent Mopeds

Mopeds are a fun, low-powered motorcycle designed to provide economical and relatively safe transport with minimal licensing requirements. We have 1 and 2 seater available.

Rental Rates           Per Hour   3 Days  1 Week   4 Weeks
Moped – 1 Seater  $59              $120    $235      $400
Moped – 2 Seater  $62              $150    $275     $500

Call to reserve a Moped today 760-340-3861

Segway Rentals

The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen.
Computers and motors in the base of the device keep the Segway upright when powered on with balancing enabled. A user commands the Segway to go forward by shifting his weight forward on the platform, and backward by shifting his weight backward. This is a fun way to get around town.

Rental Rates Per Hour      3 Days    1 Week    4 Weeks

Segways          $40-$120    $240      $350     $700

Call to reserve a Segway today 760-340-3861


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The Coachella Valley Bike Trail Guide

Once you find a trail you like, we can bring you the bikes that you will need to enjoy the bike trails. We will also pick up the bikes once you are done with your biking adventure.  Bike rental in Palm Springs couldn’t be easier!

Tram Road Ride

Palm Springs City Wide Loop

Go on an adventure on the Palm Springs bike trails!

The Hop A Long Cassidy Trail

This trail begins at the base of Homme Adams Park in Palm Desert and links with the 8-mile Hopalong Trail, which opened in 2006 as a connector trail to the Art Smith and Bump and Grind trails. At the highest point along the trail you can look out at the Little San Bernardino Mountains in the distance. There are a few sections of erosion along the trail where rain has washed it out.

The Sawmill/Santa Rosa Mountain Trail

The Coachella Valley is a recreational desert that is located in the most beautiful, diversified region of Southern California. The vast valley stretches for 45 miles reaching the tip of the cold saltwater of the Salton Sea to the unforgettable San Bernardino Mountain range. The Coachella Valley is an impressive, rugged fifteen miles wide.

The Goat Trails of Palm Springs

The San Jacinto Mountains are noted for their beauty, as they run alongside the incredible Pacific Crest Trail. Many visitors think of the San Jacinto Mountain range as a “sky island.” This characterization stems from the mountain range containing many species of fauna and flora that are an exquisite find for nature’s lovers.

The Epic Palm Canyon Ride

Every inexperienced or experienced biker dreams of taking an epic ride through a diverse landscape. The Palm Canyon Trail is the true “epic ride” for the area of Southern California.

The Palm Canyon Pinyon Flats Loop

Many riders have described the Pinyon Flats Loop as an “epic ride.” An anonymous rider commented, “The ride starts out nicely with gentle rollers, but soon, very soon, turns into a lined single-track of cactus and thorn bush. It is important to wear arm and leg protection so that you can enjoy the absolute beauty that surrounds you.”

The Bump and Grind Bike Trail in Rancho Mirage, CA

The Bump and Grind Trail is located in the beautiful and diverse area of Rancho Mirage, CA. This trail is commonly known as the Desert Drive or Mirage Trail.

The Friendly Joe Butler – Bruce Adams Bike Trail

Picture a rustic wilderness trail that is defined by an old, traditional split-rail fence. The Joe Butler-Bruce Adams Trail is a picturesque trail that reminds one of “bygone” days spent in the glory of Mother Nature’s never ending bounty of goodies.

The West Valley Bike Loop

The state of California is home to a desert landscape that can be best described as a “biker’s paradise.” The desert landscape is the most ideal backdrop, providing bikers with breath-taking scenic views and rocky and hilly trails that are terrific for mountain biking.  So rent your bike in California and get pedaling!

The Art Smith Bike Trail

Imagine a trail that weaves through the hard exterior and the heart of a challenging mountainside. The Art Smith Trail takes one through the gorgeous Santa Rosa Mountains. The Trail starts just north of the Palm Desert, near the National Scenic Area of the Santa Rosa Mountains.

The Santa Rosa Mountain and Toro Peak Bike Trail

The gorgeous Santa Rosa Mountains are a breathtaking short range that is located east of the city of Los Angeles. The highest peak of this incredible mountain range is Toro Peak, which reaches an elevation of 8,716 feet. When climbing the Santa Rosa Mountains, visitors feel as if they can touch the sky, as they become one with this challenging desert landscape.  You can do it all on California bike trails!

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