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Explore the beauty of Napa, CA

Napa Valley offers the luxury of world-renowned wine, one of the world’s finest culinary scenes, and a place to relax mind, body, and soul. Napa Valley also offers the views to entice you outside to play. Napa Valley Adventure Tours finds the best in food, wine, history, and cultural arts and combines it with the fun of hiking, biking, and kayaking.Visit us for Napa Valley Bike Tours, Napa Valley Bike Rental, Napa Valley Bike, Bike Tours in Napa Valley and Tours in Napa Valley.

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napa valley bike rental, Napa Valley Adventure ToursKayaking Tours in Napa Valley

Kayak North Tour

Welcome to discover what we call the“Napa Amazon”. The foliage gets denser and more diverse the further North you travel. The waters turn from a salt-fresh mix which is called “bracish” to a clear fresh water in the far reaches. Your day will begin at Oxbow Public Market the location of our office. With your gourmet lunch and camera  in hand the tour will be relaxing, enjoyable and you will come back with a renewed spirit.

Kayak Tour Central

Central Napa River offers a diversification of views from along the wetlands with rolling hills as the backdrop to a increasing elevation of the shoreline. The natural habitat changes to denser foliage with occasional palm tree. Waterfowl and fish are in abundance and at the right time the stripers and salmon will surprise you with a splash. Price $ 85

Kayak Tours

The Napa River flows into San Pablo Bay,then San Francisco Bay and finally the Pacific. That trip would be a challenge for the best of kayakers. A less strenuous but still exciting trip Along the route you may find long horn cattle grazing under the Eucalyptus tree lined bank taking a gander at you paddling past.

For the Naturalist, there are the sloughs which depending on the tide will be a great place to explore. Just be aware the Napa River is a tidal river and knowing the tide times is vital or you could find yourself marooned in the sloughs when the water recedes. Further along the waterway lies an old railroad bridge that reminds one of the 50’s erector building set. This is worth going under and looking skyward.

Bike Toursnapa valley bike tours, Bike Tours in Napa Valley in Napa Valley

Self Guided Tour

Our Self Guided Tours are perfect for those who like to explore on their own, but want the insider track. We provide the consultation, gear, maps, gourmet lunch and support if you need our assistance. We evaluate your needs and recommend the perfect route for you anywhere from 2 hours to all day.

Your gourmet meal from our picnic menu is provided by a local organic caterer to compliment the recommended perfect picnic stop along your route. Price $80

Mid-Day Bike Tour
If a full day bike tour  starts too early and you already have other places to go or things to do in the morning, a Mid-Day Bike Tour is the perfect solution.
Arranged privately or by joining a small group (maximum 8 guests), this popular tour is led by a local, well informed Tour Guide who’s there to enhance your education of what makes the Napa Valley such an incredibly unique venue for wine production.
You’ll average between 12-13 miles of pedaling, in which you will visit 3 wineries.
After the first mile or so, you will relax and have a beverage.  With a casual pace and frequent stops, the emphasis is on enjoying the scenery and discovering boutique and family-owned wineries along the way.
Pedaling along the beautiful Napa Valley Roads allows you to view scenery that would be missed if you were in a van, car, or a limo.  Allows you to stop and smell the roses and the grapes up close, creating memories you will never forget.
This tour starts at our new downtown Napa location. If you’re interested in more of a easy-going, picturesque experience, we offer a start in downtown Healdsburg. (1 hour north of Napa) 4 person booking minimum. Price $95

Vine To Barrel – Napa Valley Bike Tours

Explore the world of wine beyond the tasting room with a guided bike tour taking you along country roads and into the private vineyards of the famous Oak Knoll and Stags Leap Districts.

This exclusive tour begins with a leisurely ride along the pristine Napa River and continues up the Silverado Trail. Relax and refuel at a hillside winery overlooking the valley with a gourmet picnic lunch. Learn about the process of wine making as you stroll though the vineyards and discover stages of tending to the vines. Follow that experience with a tasting of the wine then top off the day with seeing more views, blue skies and breathe in the clean air of Napa Valley from the seat of your hybrid bike. Price $139

Road Trip Ideas Napa ValleyGuided River Boat Cruises

Our captains give an incredibly in-depth, insider tour of the Napa River and everything that is connected to it.  All cruises are aboard our Electra Craft electric boat, which comfortably seats up to 11 passengers.  Seating is limousine-style and the wrap-around windows provide panoramic views from every seat.  Guests are encouraged to bring beverages and snacks to enjoy during their cruise.  Your Napa River Adventures cruise begins with a narrative of the Napa River and the impact it has had on the local community. As we head North along the Napa River passing through the recently restored  wetlands and head towards historic downtown Napa, you will be able to see remnants of our past and understand how present changes will affect the future of Napa. The many species of birds provide topics of interest and are beautiful elements in the sweeping vistas of the valley. You will note the change in the temperature, wind along our cruise – and understand the unique micro-climates that enable Napa Valley to produce our exceptional wines. Tides and times permitting, we will also pass Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food and Art, and the Napa Yacht Club.

Come relax with us after a long, hard day of wine tasting. Leave the traffic behind as we cruise off into the sunset. Whether you are first-time visitors to the Napa Valley or experienced pros, we promise to show you parts of Wine Country not often seen.

Departs : based on tide, please contact us for reservation

Timing of Tour: 2.5 Hours

Charter Boat: $500 flat-rate fee, with a maximum occupancy of 8 (gratuity not included)
The Boat

We operate Electra Craft® electric-motor launches that are both quiet and environmentally friendly. They are surrounded by 4″ high windows that open and close at the passenger’s leisure. Your guides are experienced and knowledgeable about the current issues surrounding the Napa River. Napa Queen is a 21″ foot, 11 passenger beauty with a table in the middle for beverages and gnoshables. Napa Queen is equipped with a sound system as well as a small refrigerator.

tours in napa valleyHiking Tours

We specialize in getting you off the beaten path and showing you this region like no one else can. We have partnerships with private vineyards to show you places that the public cannot access. You will have the opportunity to see  our famous vineyards, valley vistas and regional wildlife. Our trail guide will share their passion and knowledge about the landscape and the history of the Napa Valley along the way.

Our hiking adventures range from moderate to difficult with distances of 5-10 miles. NVAT will customize the adventure depending on the guests’ abilities.

All hikes meet at the trail head and are about a 20 to 30 minute drive from Napa

Price: $60 per person


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