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MotoVentures Motorcycle Adventures For Everyone From Beginners to Expert Riders

  • MotoVentures offers off-road motorcycle training, day rides and trials every week at our private 350-acre Rider Training Center.
  • Classes are available for all ages, men, women and kids, beginners to experts.
  • Everything is included-bike, safety gear, drinks and lunches.
  • MotoVentures 2-day Spring and Summer Kids Day Camps.
  • Business Group Events and Fly and Ride Motorcycle Adventures.
  • Other group events for adults and kids-scouts, clubs, parties.

MotoVentures offers training and riding on off-road dirt bikes, Motocross and Trials at our private 350-acre Rider Training Center conveniently located in the center of Southern California plus multi-day dirt bike and dual sport tours in California, Arizona and Baja, California.

Please fill out the following information. After you click Submit, the coupon will be instantly emailed to you. Print the coupon, and take it with you on your adventure. Have fun, and if you have time let us know how it went when you get back.
Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

MotoVentures Motorcycle Rider Training:
Six great reasons to use MotoVentures for Off-Road Motorcycle Training
1. Our training curriculums
2. Our professional instructors
3. Our private ideally-suited training site
4. Our training motorcycles
5. Our riding gear
6. Our availability
MotoVenturesPic7MotoVentures offers our motorcycle rider training courses almost every week through-out the year for everyone who wants to learn how to ride or how to take their riding to the next level; men and women, boys and girls, and for all skill levels from beginners seeking a dirt bike school to learn to ride a dirt bike to advanced riders seeking a motorcycle coach, motocross or trials training.
Enrolling in a MotoVentures dirt bike class is the best way to learn to ride a dirt bike motorcycle, because we utilize our own curriculums that have been developed from over 40 years of riding and racing professionally, testing for factories (Honda, Kawasaki, etc.) and magazines, and riding everything from trials bikes to street bikes. Street bike riders can benefit from our dirt bike school as well. Dirt bike riding is the best way to learn how to ride or improve your overall riding skills.
MotoVentures also sells high quality motorcycle riding gear, MV apparel, accessories, new and used trails bikes, dirt bike and dual sport bike parts and accessories at competitive prices and instructional books including “How To Ride Off-Road Motorcycles” by Gary LaPlante, MotoVentures President published by Motorbooks International.

1) MotoVentures seven training curriculums: “We wrote the book on How to Ride Off-Road”MotoVenturesPic11
MotoVentures offers the following seven training course curriculums:
1. Level 1 (for beginners)
2. Level 2 (for novice to advanced riders)
3. Level 3 (for advanced and above riders)
4. Private Coaching
5. 2-Day Training
6. Motocross Training
7. Trials Training

MotoVentures unique training curriculums feature step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and riding exercises designed to develop sound fundamentals, build on existing skills, and increase overall control and confidence.  When you attend MotoVentures dirt bike/off-road riding school you will learn valuable and practical skills that prepare you for the real world of off-road riding. You will learn skills required to conquer any terrain obstacle you may encounter such as mud, sand, rocks, down hills, logs, and ruts. We encourage practicing, and additional training is always available from us so you can continue to take your dirt bike riding to the next level. We believe in custom tailoring our dirt bike classes as much as possible to each person and group, no take it or leave it, cookie cutter courses.“How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles, Techniques for Beginner to Advanced Motorcycle Riders” published by Motor books International is available through MotoVentures and many popular book retailers nationwide.
2) Our professional instructors:  “Our quality instructors make our services superior”
MotoVentures employs only highly-qualified, expert level instructors who must pass our own strict certification process. Our instructors not only know exactly WHAT to teach, but they also know HOW to teach it and can teach anyone from a 5 year old beginner to a 25 year old expert.
Our instructors are incredibly patient, friendly, and knowledgeable with many years of riding and racing experience under their belt.
MotoVentures follows a policy of a low student per instructor ratio to ensure that everyone will receive the personal attention they need. So rest assured, choosing dirt bike training from MotoVentures you’ll get the best instructors teaching the best dirt bike classes.
3) Our private riding site:
MotoVenturesPic10MotoVentures has our own private ideally-suited 350-acre riding paradise that has the best soil, terrain, site features, trails and tracks and weather for the best off-road motorcycle training in California. Our Rider Training Center is conveniently located in Southern California where we offer off-road motorcycle rider training every week, all year around. Our large private property is truly unique and is the largest dedicated off-road motorcycle rider training site in America.
Our property features a wide variety of challenging natural terrain to improve your dirt bike riding skills including a large unobstructed training range for new riders to safely get started and for novice and intermediate riders to take their riding to the next level. Our large areas are also excellent for exercises that include turning and braking and for advanced riders, exercises like wheelies and slides. We have two motocross tracks to practice jumping and cornering skills and over eight miles of fun and challenging single track trails.

4) Our training motorcycles:  “We use the best tools for the job of learning to ride”
MotoVentures uses Yamaha’s, the best motorcycles in the world. Yamaha makes an impressive product line which includes a full range of appropriately sized, friendly, electric start, four stroke recreational dirt bikes to choose from. MotoVentures uses the Yamaha PW50, TT-R50, TT-R90, TT-R125E, TTR125L, TTR230, WR250F, WR450F, and WR250R dual sport.
5) Our riding gear:  “We use only the best protective riding gear for our customers”
Our customers are welcome to bring their own gear, but for those without gear, we proudly offer a wide selection of high-quality, high-tech riding gear to fit everyone, kids included, from head to toe in groups of up to 25 people.
6.) Our availability:  “Training is our full time job”
At MotoVentures, training is a full time, year around operation. We offer training almost every week, usually on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, at our Rider Training Center in Southern California.  Other dates are available as well for individuals or groups. All classes require reservations in advance.
Day Rides and Dual Sport Tour Options
Option 1:  Day Rides at our Private Rider Training Center
Cost: Our bike: $215 Your bike: $125

Exclusive cost: Our bike: $550, Your bike: $450
Add $250 for ea addl up to 3
MotoVentures offers day rides every week for individuals and groups at our private conveniently located 350-acre Rider Training Center in Southern California. Our unique, large, private property features many miles of fun single track trails, two fun motocross tracks, hill climbs, sand washes and wet creek trails. Day rides are for experienced riders (Level 2 skills), preferably people who have previously attended one of our dirt bike rider training courses. Available to all ages, no licenses are required, and lunch and drinks are included. Day rides are available almost every week, usually on Thursdays thru Sundays.
Option 2:  Two or Three Day Rides in Southern California
Cost per day: Our bike: $395, Your bike: $285

MotoVentures offers two or three days of guided riding at the best off-road and dual sport riding areas in Southern California. This option requires a minimum of three riders and intermediate-level riding skills. We offer kid friendly tours requiring no licenses and dual sport or off-road tours for adults only. This ride features convenient travel from nearby Los Angeles, San Diego, Ontario, and Palm Springs airports. On one of these fun multi-day rides we’ll cover a lot of ground and could experience elevation changes from approximately 1,000 ft to 7,000 ft in just one day. Every one of these rides is slightly different and customized to the skills and desires of each group. We’ll ride everything in SoCal from vast dry lake beds to rugged rock-crawler trails. We will explore the hundreds of miles of awesome roads and trails throughout the vast Southern California Mountains and deserts. Option 3: Multi-Day Rides in the Western U.S. and Baja

Cost per day: Our bike: $575, Your bike: $375

MotoVenturesPic9MotoVentures offers customized multi-day guided group rides in the American west and Baja, California, Mexico. These classic rides require five people minimum and are customized to the requirements and desires of each group. No dates are posted for these tours so give us a call and we’ll try to accommodate you. With any MV overnight ride/tour, everything in included for you to have a great time. We’ll start each day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a great lunch along the way, and dine together each evening on great food. We’ll stay in accommodations that are often rustic, but always very comfortable clean and quiet.

Dual sport rides in the American Southwest are for hearty adventure riders looking for a full day ride through the little known remote back roads and trails that are conveniently located in the rugged deserts and mountains of the American Southwest. Air travelers can fly and ride with many convenient major airports available. Depending on the time of year and location we can cover a lot of ground and experience many elevation changes ranging from 2,000 ft to 8,000 on any given day of riding. These tours deliver an unbeatable combination of awesome weather, riding terrain, amazing scenery, and classic western hospitality. These tours are for experienced riders with a street motorcycle operators’ license.

Baja rides are for off-road riding enthusiasts who want to check off their “bucket list” one of the premier must do rides. The only real problem with riding in Baja is you’ll get so hooked on the great terrain, beautiful scenery, and exotic foreign hospitality that you’ll want to come back for more. Our Baja rides cover parts of the classic routes used for annual Baja 1000 races with overnight stays in popular places with comfortable accommodations. For Baja rides, MotoVentures has teamed up with the best Baja ride guides who know exactly where to go and where not to go and also have the local knowledge, experience, equipment and personnel to support this kind of foreign expedition. NOTE: licenses are not required to ride in Baja.

Additional MotoVentures Ride Information
To reserve a date: call (877) 260-MOTO (6686) or email ( All rides require reservations in advance.
Ride days are usually Thursdays thru Sundays. Contact us and confirm the availability of the date(s) you want. You can reserve them by phone with a Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX credit card. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a tour and a 50% deposit is required to reserve training, with the balance due 30-days prior to the ride.

Dual sport rides are for street licensed motorcycle riders with skill levels
2 and 3 (dirt novices, intermediates, advanced) and all dual sport ride participants are responsible for carrying their own current street motorcycle operator’s license. Those bringing their own bikes must have a current license plate and proof of insurance.

Lodging and meals: for overnight tours lodging is double occupancy with single occupancy upgrades available. MotoVentures will pay for lodging and lunch with breakfasts and dinners paid by guests (with the exception of the Baja tour).

MotoVentures Trials Riding Experience
Our bike: $315/day | Your bike: $215/day

If you’re an off-road rider, dual sport rider, desert rider, or motocross racer, and you’re looking for a fun new challenge or some great cross training… then it’s time to try motorcycle trials riding with MotoVentures. Have you ever wanted to try trials riding, but couldn’t locate a trials bike? Maybe you know someone with a trials bike, but you don’t know exactly how you should ride it or a good place where you can ride it. Get ready because MotoVentures has everything you need; trials bikes, specialized trials riding gear including trials helmets and boots, expert instruction, and a trials riding paradise for the best possible trials riding adventure you can have.

Just like today’s motocross bikes, trials bikes are purpose-built, no-frills, competition machines, which are becoming even more specialized as time goes on. That means they’re really FUN to ride. Trials bikes are designed for a specific purpose: to carry its rider through a marked section of difficult obstacles. A rider must while under observation, keep from going out of bounds, putting their feet down for balance or falling down, or receive penalty points if they do. At the end of the day, the rider with the least penalty points wins.

Trials riding is extreme off-road riding at its best and a popular, well-respected international motor-sport, but many people just enjoy play riding on their trials bikes. It’s a well-accepted fact that you can learn maximum control techniques on a trials bike that will help you become a better motorcycle rider. Motorcycle racers use our trials clinics for cross-training, while experienced riders are always amazed at how their skills have improved afterward. Have you noticed how most of the top AMA Endurocross racers are ex-trials champions? Maybe trials is just what you need to give you the advantage you’ve been looking for. So regardless of your desire for challenges or thrills, trials bike riding is a great motorcycle sport or recreational activity to add to your list of motorcycling musts.

Our trials riding experts know what newcomers to trials are capable of doing. We can teach you how with step-by-step instruction MotoVenturesPic8that will gradually push your comfort level higher, allowing you to really explore your limits and ride more confidently than you’ve ever ridden before. We’ll ride together all day from one practice section to another teaching, demonstrating, and practicing the key techniques that trials riders take for granted. By the day’s end, you’ll be amazed at how easily you rode through gnarly terrain that would have been impossible to ride on any other bike, and you’ll come away with a greater appreciation for motorcycle trials as a competitive sport.

When you ride trials with MotoVentures, you’ll get the patient and friendly attention you’ll need, and it will come from a well-qualified trials expert that is a member of the MotoVentures Trials Instructor Team. Chief instructor Gary LaPlante has more than 35 years of trials competition experience that includes six Arizona State Trials Championships and several top 10 finishes at AMA trials nationals. Most recently, Gary LaPlante is one of the top ranked riders in the competitive Advanced class in the Southern California trials competition series. For advanced and above riders we’ll utilize a trials riding professional to help us conduct our clinics where they can teach and demonstrate any trials riding technique you want.

Motocross Training 101
$250/day, no rental bikes available
MotoVentures offers a great introduction to motocross riding techniques on select days each month at our own private Rider Training Center that is complete with two motocross tracks.

Rider to instructor ratio is only 6:1, so space is limited.

MotoVentures Motocross Training 101 curriculum is a full day of motocross instruction that is designed for serious dirt riders looking to develop and practice all the essential skills needed to race motocross including how to: get good starts and brake correctly, tackle various corners like flat and bermed turns, handle various jumps like doubles and table tops, ride ruts and sand, ride whoops and off-cambers, ride wheelies and slides, ride technical terrain, prepare your bike and body, prepare race strategies, and much more.


If you’re ready to try motocross and need to learn the fundamental motocross riding techniques to practice, let our expert motocross rider coaches help you. In addition to a great full-day curriculum, refreshments, snacks, drinks, and lunch included

MotoVentures Motocross Training 101 participants will also get a chance to briefly try the latest 2013 motocross bikes that are ridden by our instructors. We also offer a factory cash back coupon that is worth up to $200 on the purchase of a new bike. Only MotoVentures can offer an incredible value like this.

Business Group Events
Cost varies by group size and activity.
MotoVenturesPic4MotoVentures has everything your business, organization or club needs to host a unique dirt bike riding event for groups of 20 – 40 adults. Our Southern California Rider Training Center is conveniently located and available almost any day of the week, year round. Businesses and organizations can incorporate their off site meetings around a day of dirt bike rider training. We can customize the day around your requirements. Thanks to our motorcycle rider training services, we have all the equipment on hand including dirt bikes, protective riding gear, and other motorcycle accessories, to accommodate many people in a variety of sizes. In fact, nobody in the motorcycle industry has a larger supply of dirt bikes, riding gear, private riding areas, and manpower than MotoVentures. Offering your business group, organization or club a day of off-road dirt bike riding or dirt bike training at MotoVentures Rider Training Center will be a very popular and refreshing change to the run of the mill corporate group activities.
2-Day Fly and Ride Motorcycle Adventures
Our bike: $1000/day | Your bike: $700/day
MotoVentures ultimate 2-day Fly and Ride Adventures are designed for adult groups of people who live outside of the Southern California area. Groups will be small, ranging from 6 to14 people which will ensure a 5:1 student to instructor ratio. You can make the great escape from your busy world to join us here in sunny, Southern California near the Temecula wine country with your riding friends and enjoy a custom tailored, fun-filled, skill-building motorcycle riding adventure.

There will be two full days of off-road dirt bike riding on Thursday and Friday from 9am to 3pm based around MotoVentures famous Level 2 motorcycle rider training curriculum with everything included (appropriately-sized bike, a full set of riding gear, drinks and lunch). This special Fly and Ride Adventure program also includes: Ground transport to/from San Diego International Airport and to/from our Rider Training Center each day via 15-passenger van, a welcome dinner upon arrival and a private room at the beautiful Temecula Creek Inn in the heart of the Temecula wine country for Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Following the two day dirt bike adventure you can jet home or enjoy the beautiful Temecula wine country for more days of fun before flying home. We can accommodate a non-riding guest and we offer the option of an additional one or two-day California Dual Sport Tour following our Fly and Ride Adventures.
Kids Day Camps
Our bike: $300/day | Your bike: $220/day (discount with 3 or more kids)
MotoVentures offers two day dirt bike day camps for kids (5yrs to 17yrs) at our private Rider Training Center near Anza, California. These day camps will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays and include fun filled daily itineraries designed around our Level 1 and 2 dirt bike rider training curriculums. Parents or guardians have the option of staying, dropping the kids off, or participating in the training. Space will be limited to ensure high quality with a low ratio of kids to instructors. Hours will be 8:30am to 1:00pm and includes lunch and drinks.
Call us about dates for kids camps.
MotoVentures Rider Department Store
MotoVentures also sells high quality motorcycle riding gear, MV apparel, accessories, new and used trials bikes, dirt bike and dual sport bike parts and accessories at competitive prices and instructional books including “How To Ride Off-Road Motorcycles” by Gary LaPlante, MotoVentures President published by Motorbooks International.
Visit us for dirt bike training Temecula, Palm Springs motocross, dirt bike schools Southern California, trials bike riding Southern California, MotoVentures.

Visit us for dirt bike training Temecula, Palm Springs motocross, dirt bike schools Southern California, trials bike riding Southern California, MotoVentures.

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