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Kayak tours and instruction along the Pacific Ocean Elk, California

Since 1981, Force 10’s crew of experienced guides have led ocean kayak adventures on the Elk Coast. The watermen and women of Force 10 are dedicated to your safety and promise an exciting and unique adventure aboard our 2-person kayaks. 

  • You will be fitted with a wet suit and you will have your own professional guide in the rear seat of one of our stable two person kayaks.
  • You can receive kayaking instructions, if you wish, or just glide along for a most amazing, sight-seeing ride.
  • We have sixteen years of experience conducting Elk coast kayaking tours along our beautiful Pacific shores.

Visit us for ocean kayaking, Force 10 ocean whitewater tours, Elk Coast kayaking, two person kayaks, and more!

Welcome to the wonderful world of sea caves, shore birds, sea lions, star fish and isolated beaches.

Please fill out the following information. After you click Submit, the coupon will be instantly emailed to you. Print the coupon, and take it with you on your adventure. Have fun, and if you have time let us know how it went when you get back.
Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

Kayak Tours
The Standard Tour:

A unique adventure perfect for beginners and advanced paddlers. Aboard one of Force 10’s 2-person kayaks, it’s easy to relax and experience the incredible Northern California coastline. With your guide in the back seat navigating the boat, you are free to enjoy sea caves, kelp forests, marine life, and secluded beaches.
Force 10 is lucky to have incredible marine life right off the Elk Coast. On our tour we often encounter sea lions, seals, starfish, whales, shellfish, and birds galore.
Our standard tour lasts approximately 2 hours
– Wetsuit, booties, gloves, spray jacket
– Paddle instruction
– Guide
Please bring a swimsuit, towel, walking shoes and sunscreen. We recommend that you also bring water and a snack for the tour
Other Adventures
Force 10 is happy to arrange unique ocean adventures. Please call for more details (707) 877-3505.
-Longer outings
-Picnic on a private beach
-Full moon or sunset tours
-Kayak workshops: Women on water, ocean safety, and kayak lessons
The Elk Coast
Elk is a small town on the coast of Northern California. About 3 hours drive from San Francisco; Elk sits just south of Mendocino, a popular tourist destination. Charming B&B’s, a garage, The Roadhouse Café and The Elk Store make up Elk’s business district. Elk is our quiet little secret, a true getaway spot. Breath deep- the ocean breeze invites you to the beautiful Elk Coast.
Local Distances:
140 Miles – San Francisco to Elk
16 Miles – Mendocino to Elk
20 Miles – Point Arena to Elk
Force 10 Office:
Force 10 is located on the south end of Elk next to the Community Center. Just look for the bright red door on the yellow house and you will find Force 10.
6147 S. Highway 1
Tour Reviews
“How many times have I told the story of our incredible day in kayaks under your generous and patient guidance. Thank you so much for opening up a new window of experience for everyone in my family.” -Mimi and family
“Thank you Force 10. I had a great time in Elk and an amazing kayaking adventure.” -Ram (Nepal)
“It is an unusual privilege to be able to show people this part of the ocean. I continue to anticipate the adventure of each tour as much as our clients because every water day changes in color and rhythm and each persons conversation brings a lot to us in this remote location.”
– Connie Taylor (Force 10 guide for over 15 years)

Visit us for ocean kayaking, Force 10 ocean whitewater tours, Elk Coast kayaking, two person kayaks, and more.

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