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We have all dreamed of flying, now it is possible with the new and exciting Fly Jet Sports. Fly Jet Sports is an exclusive dealer and distributor of extreme water sports as well as an instructional center for the FlyBoard.

Come book your first flight at one of our three locations in Orange County, CA!

Visit us for Newport Beach flying water sports, Long Beach water sports, Newport Beach water sports, Dana Point water sports, and more!

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What We Do

Newport beach Flying water sports, long beach water sports

Our water-powered jet-boards are a new and thrilling experience. By putting the force of water beneath your feet, you can fly above the water! With an exclusive deal from CalAdventures, you can experience this for a full hour for only $179.

Check out more of our videos at the video tab above!

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newport beach water sports, dana point water sports

Newport Beach

Dana Point

Long Beach

About our CEO and President

Fly Jet Sports

Gustavo Caicedo Jr., BSME, international speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and inventor. As CEO of Rubato Productions Inc., a Product Development Organization in Irvine, CA., Mr. Caicedo has developed and produced products for the Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Bio-Tech, Marine, Electronics, Consumer and Toy industry.

Mr. Caicedo brings over 20 years of product development experience. Rubato Productions is dedicated to bringing products to market through seamless integration of experience that include; innovation, creativity and diversity.

Mr. Caicedo has been awarded numerous patents for product development in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Consumer Industries. He is also noted as being the co-creator, developer and co-inventor of the Concert Hands System.

Visit us for Newport Beach flying water sports, Long Beach water sports, Newport Beach water sports, Dana Point water sports, and more!

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