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Our Catalina Island tour packages are not only the most fun way to explore Avalon; we also impart historical knowledge of Catalina.  You will have fond memories of an experience and excursion unlike any other.  You will receive superb personal service from your guide while you explore things to do in Avalon in an easy, effortless way.

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Our Catalina Island Segway Tours

IMGP1038, Catalina Island tour1 1/2 HOUR SEGWAY AVALON SCENIC TOUR

Our Avalon Scenic Tour is a Glided Segway Tour around and through the quaint town of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, which includes history and anecdotes of the Island. A safe, fun way to see Avalon.  Under Webster’s definition of quaint is a picture of Avalon.   Beginning at the Island Tour Plaza we’ll glide along the waterfront, past the Avalon Tuna and Yacht Clubs, to the fabulous Catalina Casino.  After a brief stop, we will go back towards town along the Boardwalk with its rich heritage, and return to the Plaza for a short interlude of advanced training and practice to accommodate an incrementalIMGP1038 increase in speed.  We then proceed up Avalon Canyon Road past the Avalon Golf Course, and the School, to the Bird Park, where we will explore its contemporary use. Afterward we return to the Plaza. Segways are easy to learn and to use and a completely effortless, GREEN way to travel to more points in less time and to more areas than most desire to walk.  Join the future and the FUN  Wear clothing appropriate to the season. Carry sunscreen, water if desired.  Guests should be able to stand for extended periods of time (at least 1/2 hr.)  Be sure to bring your camera! !
$65.00 per person

1 1/2 HOUR SEGWAY  “HOGBACK” TOUR cover, Things to do in Avalon

Our Hogback Adventure begins at the Tour Plaza, proceeds to Country Club Drive, a short distance up Camino Del Sol for an advanced lesson in the parking area behind the Country Club.  From there past the Catalina Resort on Camino Del Monte, the ride continues past The Phillip Wrigley Family home to the Old Stage Road, where there is another interlude for advanced training and practice. Farther up the Stage Road with its stunning vistas, to the Hogback Gate to the interior of the island. Here we may observe Zip Line Riders. Then we’ll proceed down Chime Tower Road above Descanso Beach to a bird’s eye perspective of the Casino, and a spectacular view of Avalon and its harbor, past the Chime Tower itself, the Zane Grey Pueblo, down Marilla Avenue to town and an eventual triumphant return. Stunning vistas and spectacular scenery abound.  Wear clothing suitable to the season. Bring sunscreen and bottled water.  We prefer closed toed shoes. Guests must be able to stand for extended periods (at least 1/2 hour). Don’t forget your camera!
$78.00 per person

wrigley, Catalina Island tour packages2 1/2 HOUR WRIGLEY MEMORIAL AND BOTANICAL GARDEN SEGWAY TOUR

Our Botanical Garden Tour starts at The Tour Plaza, and lasts approximately two and one half hours.
We proceed up Avalon Canyon Rd. past the Old Bird Park to the end of the road at the Garden and Memorial.  The tour then enters the Garden with the Segways, which are the ONLY wheeled vehicles allowed.  While there we are able to access historical and contemporary information about the many unique flora and fauna found only on Catalina Island.  We also will view many exotic succulents drawn from worldwide sources in the Garden, and see spectacular views of Avalon Canyon and the Pacific Ocean.  Bring a snack if you like, to enjoy from high atop the Memorial. Closed toe shoes are preferred. Guests must be able to stand for extended periods of time ( at least 1/2 Hr. ). Bring sunscreen, bottled water, and wear clothing suitable to the season. Don’t forget your camera!
$89.00 per person ( includes admission to the Garden)

1 1/2 HOUR SEGWAY NATURE CENTER TOURnature, Catalina Segway

Our Nature Center Tour begins at the Tour Plaza, follows a route through Avalon much like the Avalon Scenic Tour to the Casino back through Avalon, highlighting the history of Catalina, past the Bird Park to the Catalina Island Conservancy Nature Center. At the center participants can view videos, exhibits, obtain beverages, or speak with staff members of the Conservancy about many of the endemic plants and animals found only on Catalina and nowhere else on Earth.  In addition, our guides are Certified Catalina Conservancy Naturalists. The tour then returns to Avalon.  Bring sunscreen, bottled water or a soft drink if preferred, and clothing appropriate to the weather. Participants must be able to stand for extended periods of time ( at least 1/2 Hr. Closed toed shoes are preferred. Camera! Camera! Camera!
$78.00 per person

1 1/2 – 2 HOUR OFF-ROAD XT ADVENTURE TOUR DSC00015.JPG_xt_off_300, Catalina Island segway tours

Our Off Road XT Adventure Tour explores the routes least traveled, through wooded canyons and hills atop an Off-road Segway XT, specifically designed and built for off-road use.  Rugged terrain provides thrills as you navigate your XT through sights and areas seldom seen by most visitors to Catalina Island. This is an almost exclusively local secret, virtually unknown to almost all except those lucky enough to stumble upon it, (highly unlikely) or those who participate in our tour.
Local guides will help you tackle a glide through panoramic views of the town and the Pacific Ocean from high above Avalon Canyon. They will share personal insight into our unique eco-environment, fauna, flora, and rich history, making this a memorable, rewarding vacation experience acquired in a most unusual way.
This is a fun, safe, sight-seeing trek for the adventurous spirited, or the just plain curious, and is not a high performance tour Approximately 1 1/2 to two hours. Participants should be able to stand for extended periods of time (at least 1/2 Hr.) Wear clothing appropriate to the season.  Long trousers and closed toed shoes preferred. Bring sunscreen and bottled water.
Do not forget your camera!
Must be 14 or over to participate
$89.00 per person


Our XTreme Off-road Tour is a play on words from the Segway XT; this is our most rugged tour. This is a challenge of skill and endurance.
It takes place on parts of the old, abandoned, golf course, and on sections of our Catalina Island Grand Prix motocross track. More than 85+% of this tour is conducted off-road.  You will be tested. Portions of this route are narrow, very steep and have odd lateral inclines. There will be areas that will require your walking assistance for the machine to negotiate. Participants must be physically capable of assisting a 110 lb. Segway uphill. Because this is a high performance tour, and all accident possibilities cannot be foreseen, or trained for, we cannot guarantee this tour will be without incident.  Due to the nature of this tour, we must point out that reckless or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Troublesome guests will be asked to leave the tour without refund.  Approximately two hours. Long pants and closed toed shoes are required.  Clothing compatible to the season should be worn. Participants must be able to stand for extended periods (at least 1/2 Hr.)  Bring sunscreen and bottled water. Do not forget your camera!
No children under age 14
Those under 18 years MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
$109.00 per person

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