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For something truly special to match that special occasion of your life, the romance, privacy and beauty of a private yacht charter boat cruise or a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay or the Sacramento River Delta are unmatched.

We can help you with your:

  • Office Party
  • Birthday bash
  • Office Christmas party
  • Or any other special event celebration

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Please fill out the following information. After you click Submit, the coupon will be instantly emailed to you. Print the coupon, and take it with you on your adventure. Have fun, and if you have time let us know how it went when you get back.
Privacy guarantee - We will never sell or distribute phone numbers outside of our company. Call Jill at (949) 371-5516 to discuss any concerns.

Let us know your interests, along with approximate date of departure, and we will tailor a private yacht charter boat, Christmas cruise, dinner cruise especially for you.

The most popular trips of Bay View Charters’ private yacht charter boats include sunset cruise, San Francisco dinner cruise, Christmas cruise, and visits to the Navy’s Mothball Fleet, where the huge and historic battleship U.S.S. Iowa is berthed. Celebrating New Years Eve on a private charter, viewing the San Francisco Fourth of July fireworks from the water, and watching the parade of ships during San Francisco’s annual Fleet Week are events that book quickly.

Make a reservation for a Private Yacht Charter Cruise on San Francisco Bay or a cruise on a Corporate Yacht Charter Boat today!

Bay View Charters is a unique charter company for many reasons. At Bay View Yacht Charters you can find private yacht charter boats for any special event or occasion be it a dinner cruise, Christmas cruise or your anniversary party. One of the most spacious private yacht charter boats in our available fleet of charter boats is the 30-passenger vessel, Journey.

The M.V. Journey began her relationship with us as a USCG-certified 40-foot motor yacht. As such, her size, accommodation and appointments are unlike the other private yacht charter boats in the San Francisco Bay. The distinction becomes apparent as soon as you step aboard this charter boat. This private yacht charter boat features a full galley, lounge, dining area with panoramic view, open bow and full service bar/lounge. The rich teakwood accents the interior creating an atmosphere fit for all occasions like Christmas, birthday parties, a New Year party, Anniversary party or any other special occasion.

Available Yachts For Charter

We offer 40-100 ft yacht rentals for your groups of 2 – 149 people. Below are some of the available boats.

san francisco bay boat tours san francisco bay sailing tours bay tours san francisco san francisco bay area tours Bay view charters bayviewyacht (2)

Corporate Yacht Charters

For a business meeting or entertainment purposes, chartering a corporate yacht can fulfill several needs at once. A corporate yacht charter is uncrowded and private, has all the amenities one would expect, and when the ‘business of business’ is complete, serves as a reward to all those in attendance.

Show potential clients the true nature of this beautiful area–most often unseen from drives along congested freeways and downtown facilities. Reward employees for their hard work. The flexibility and freedom of a private corporate charter cruise aboard a yacht allows you to provide an experience that people of many different interests will enjoy.

For a lot less than you might think, you can charter a private yacht for sightseeing, business, a corporate event, special occasion or party trip on the San Francisco Bay, one of the most scenic areas of the world. You can plan time for stops at bayside restaurants, take along a picnic lunch or dinner for enjoyment on Angel Island or any of many other beautiful spots around the bay, or you can eat on board in our full galley and lounge.bayview (2)

  • Client Entertaining: Entertain your clients, on a private corporate yacht charter cruise. Dinner, lunch, cocktails and/or hors d’oeuvres, a way of saying ‘thank you’ for their business. Traveling to San Francisco is no longer necessary to entertain on the water. Departures can be arranged from Vallejo or Martinez in addition to the San Francisco Bay.


  • Company Meetings: Chartering a private corporate yacht charter cruise is the perfect way to conduct a corporate meeting without the interruptions. Complete your business in half the time and enjoy lunch, dinner, cocktails and/or hors d’oeuvres before returning to the office.


  • Sales Incentives: Show your appreciation for a job well done. Provide dinner, lunch, cocktails and more for their own private corporate cruise.


  • Dinner Cruises & Company Events: Enjoy the comfort on board any of the private corporate yacht charters, including a lounge with bar, dining area with a panoramic view, and an open bow. The rich teakwood accents the interior, creating a professional atmosphere for your next company meeting or corporate event.

Private Yacht Charter Cruise

Providing an unparalleled Private Yacht Charter experience on SF Bay…

bayview (6)It’s a great fun to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas parties and even corporate events on a private yacht charter. At Bay View Charters, we make your holidays and parties more interesting and adventurous through our San Francisco Bay Yacht Charter tours. Whenever you use Bay View Charters, you have the entire private yacht charter fleet at your disposal. We ensure that your guests enjoy an experience of a dinner cruise or Christmas cruise without parallel aboard a San Francisco charter boat. The crew of the Motor Vessel Journey can take you to the most beautiful and uncrowded places along the San Francisco Bay , Carquinez Straits, and Sacramento River Delta .

A private yacht charter boat of modest size, the Journey creates a feeling of intimacy among your guests and lends an air of romance to weddings, receptions, and special occasions. Whether you want to enjoy a picnic lunch on Angel Island, eat at a bay side restaurant, or enjoy a dinner party on board, we can tailor our services to suit your tastes by providing the ideal private yacht charter cruise. The galley of our private yacht charter cruises can handle everything from beer and pizza parties to wine tasting and formal gourmet dinners

For something truly unique to match that special occasion of your life, the romance, privacy, and beauty of a private yacht charter cruise on the San Francisco Bay or the Sacramento River Delta are unmatched. Alternatively, see our Special Events Bulletin Board for scheduled dinner cruises, Christmas cruises, and special events.bayview (3)

Watching the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco Bay or over Mount Diablo, from any of the hundreds of quiet waterways in the Sacramento Delta…watching the lights come on all around the Bay or in Sacramento…visiting interesting and romantic places like Sausalito, Napa, Angel Island and San Francisco…are all unforgettable experiences. Anniversary parties, birthday parties or any other special occasion can be made even more special, by celebrating it aboard our private yacht charter cruise, the Journey.

If you are planning a dinner cruise, Christmas cruise or a cruise for any other special occasion let us know your interests, along with approximate date of departure, and we will tailor a private SF Bay Yacht Charter cruise to match your needs. Our most popular trips are sunset cruises, dinner cruises and visits to the Navy’s mothball fleet, where the huge, historic battleship U.S.S. Iowa was once moored.

Celebrating Christmas, New Years Eve, viewing the San Francisco Fourth of July fireworks from the water and watching the parade of ships during San Francisco’s annual Fleet Week are events for which private yacht charters are booked quickly.

San Francisco Bay Tours

Yacht Charter and Dinner Cruise

Why wait in line to buy a ticket, then wait in line again for the scheduled departure time of a crowded tour boat, only to take a short trip around only the inner part of the San Francisco Bay…the same trip each time?

Instead, you and your guests can set your own schedule, cruise agenda and pace. Visit the many beautiful spots on the bay that the tourist boats miss, and relax in your own private San Francisco bay dinner cruise. We know all the great places around the bay…places that the tourists usually never find out about. Let us be your host and guide. If you wish to stay a while in one place or another, or to change your plans, just let the captain of your San Francisco  dinner cruise know. For example, you might wish to slow down or stop to take photos, or to walk around onshore a while, in order to shop or sightsee.

bayview (5)Next time, instead of taking another packaged tour, let us help you to custom design dinner cruises along San Francisco , which reflects your own interests, time schedule and budget.

Sacramento River Cruise

The Sacramento River Delta is world famous for its miles and miles of un-crowded waterways. Snaking through the San Joaquin River Valley, the Delta is home to a thriving water community, with many marinas, restaurants, bars and recreation areas.

Whether you choice is water skiing, jet skis, fishing, houseboating or just sightseeing your way through one of America’s richest farming areas, there is something in the Delta for every one. And taking this ride on a Sacramento River cruise adds up to the fun.

Ash Scattering – Memorial Services

We will make sure that the service is exactly as requested and we will feel honored to be a part of it.

Contact Us Today: 800-817-8774

People who love the sea often ask that their remains be scattered on the ocean. Bay View Charters offers a respectful and memorable service for the dispersal of cremated remains on the spectacular setting of San Francisco Bay, with the remains and flower petals mingling on the water as friends and family say good-bye.

Bay View Charter Events

St. Patrick’s Day: Board the Celebrations for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on March 18. Call for details.

Kaboom Fireworks: Come out on the Bay and watch the Kaboom! Fireworks simulcast to KFOG’s music.

Angel Island Picnic Adventure : Let Bay View Charters take your group to the best kept secret on the Bay.

Fleet Week is the San Francisco Bay Area’s opportunity to pay tribute to the men and women of our nation’s Armed Forces. Bay View Charters celebrates the Navy’s birthday with cruises on the bay to view the special performances by the Blue Angels. On board the M/V Journey is the perfect viewing place to see the dynamic air show above the San Francisco Bay and other Fleet Week activities.

Christmas Cruises: Now is the time to make those reservations for your company Christmas party or family gathering on the water for the holiday season.

Happy New Year! Take a JOURNEY into the new year. Bring in the New Year onboard the motor vessel “Journey”

Valentine’s Day Cruises: Tell her know just how much she means to you in the sea breeze at sunset. Show him your love with an evening on the water.


Bay View Charters provides 10% off food or bar package, up to $500.  Try us for San Francisco bay cruise, boat cruise San Francisco, San Francisco dinner cruise, bay tours San Francisco, Sacramento River cruise, and more!


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